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Problems Sending or Receiving Emails

[Outlook Express]Common Problems Sending or Receiving Emails

Common Problems and Solutions

Problem 1:

It seems like I can never get all of my messages and I keep getting the same messages over and over. Why?

Solution 1:

This will happen if your previous connection to the mail server ended before you downloaded all of your email messages. If you get an error message stating that the connection timed out then it is likely that the message has become corrupted in some manner and may need to be deleted from the mail server. If this happens you can contact Marshallnet for assistance or you can try deleting the problem message by first logging into Marshallnet Webmail. If you do not get an error message it is likely that you have a very large email message that you are in the process of downloading and you may need to allow the mail program more time to retrieve the message. Some email messages that have pictures or other types of files attached to them can take as much as fifteen minutes or possibly more to download. If you log in to Marshallnet Webmail you can see the size of the file and you can also delete the messages that you choose not to download.

Problem 2:

I'm getting an error message saying it can't find the server. Why?

Solution 2:

You will get this message if you lose your internet connection before you check your email. Make sure you are still connected. Sometimes messages that you are trying to send can get stuck in the "Outbox". If that happens, the next time you open your email program or try to Send/Receive email you may get an error saying it can't locate the server on port 25. Remove or delete any messages that are in the "Outbox" and try sending or receiving again.

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