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Eudora Email Setup in Windows 95/98/ME/XP

[Eudora]How to setup Email in Eudora

Step 1

Open Eudora. Click on Tools and then click on Options.
or... it may be Special and then Settings (for Macs).
or... it may be Special ..... Configuration (for older versions of Eudora).


Step 2

Select Getting Started under Category, type in the following information:
Real Name: Your Real Name (Jon Doe)
Return address: Leave this field blank
Mail Server(Incomming):
Login Name: your email address (
SMTP Server (Outgoing):


Step 3

Select Checking Mail under Category
Verify the Mail Server is:
Verigy the Login Name is your email address (
Verify that the following have check marks next to them:
Send on check
Save Password


Step 4

Select Incomming Mail under Category
Verify that POP is selected under Server Configuration
Verify that Passwords is selected under Autheniication style.


Step 5

Select Sending Mail under Category and Verify the following:
Return address: Leave this field blank
Domain to add to unqualified addresses: Leave this field blank
SMTP server:


Step 6

Select Internet Dialup under Category
Verify that there is a check mark next to Have Eudora connect using Dial-up networking. Make sure there isn't a check mark next to Hang-up after receiving and sending, and Close connection on Exit.
*Note (if checked it will disconnect you from the internet after it receives your new email or after you close Eudora)


Step 7

Click OK. The first time you check for new mail it will ask you for your password. When it asks you for your password type it in all lowercase.

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Incoming mail server:
Outgoing Mail server:
Marshalltown Dialup Access Number: 753-4010