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How to Forward Spam With Full Headers in Outlook Express

[Outlook Express]How to Forward Spam With Full Headers in Outlook Express

Step 1

Open Outlook Express. Right click on the message you want blocked and then left click on properties.

[Outlook Express]

Step 2

Click on the Details tab and highlight all the text in the box. Right click on the highlighted text, then Left click on copy. Click ok and then click on forward.

[Outlook Express]

Step 3

In the To: field type, In the Subject: field type SPAM. In the body of the email message right click then,left click on paste.

[Outlook Express]

Step 4

After you click paste your message should have the full headers in the body of the email. It will look similar to the following picture. Then click send and that's all there is to it.

[Outlook Express]

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