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Outlook Express Identities Setup in Windows 95/98/ME/XP

[Outlook Express]How to setup Identities in Outlook Express

Step 1

Open Microsoft Outlook Express. Under File choose Identities then click on Add New Identity. Likely, you will have a screen that looks something like the screenshot below. Since this help document covers Outlook Express versions 4 through 6, there might be slight differences in appearance

[Outlook Express]

Step 2

Type your real name then click OK

[Outlook Express]

Step 3

Choose Yes

[Outlook Express]

Step 4

Type in your Real Name. Click Next

[Outlook Express]

Step 5

Type in the second email address then click Next

[Outlook Express]

Step 6

Type in your server names. Incoming mail server is and outgoing servers are

[Outlook Express]

Step 7

Enter your full email address as the account name and enter your password.

[Outlook Express]

Step 8

Click Finish

[Outlook Express]

Step 9

To Switch Identity, Go to File and choose Switch Identity

[Outlook Express]

Step 10

Double click on the Identity you wish to go into.

[Outlook Express]

That's it! You should be set up.

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