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Problems Sending or Receiving Attachments

[Outlook Express]Common Problems Opening and Sending Attachments

Problems Opening Attachments

Possible Problems & Solutions

Problem 1:

You don't have the program required to open the attachment

Solution 1:

To determine what program is required for opening a perticular attachment
you need to look at the file extension. Please refer to the table below for
common file types, extensions and the programs that opens them.

File Type
Opens With...


A Web Browser



Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player
Windows Media Player



Windows Media Player



Acrobat Reader

Click Here for a More Detailed List of Extensions

Problem 2:

When attempting to read email with an accompanying file attachment using
Outlook Express 6.x you may receive the message
'OE removed access to the following unsafe attachments in your mail:'

Solution 2:

This message is the result of a new security feature built into Outlook Express 6.x
which prohibits the ability to open file attachments.
To enable Outlook Express 6.x to open file attachments follow the instructions below

Step 1 - Accessing Attachments

Open up Outlook Express by double clicking on the icon, or by clicking on
Start, Programs and then Outlook Express.
For window XP users click Start then All Programs and then Outlook Express.
After Outlook Express opens click on Tools, then Options.

[Outlook Express]

Step 2 - Accessing Attachments

On the Outlook Express Options Page click on the Security tab.
Uncheck the box next "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened
that could potentially be a virus". Then click OK

[Outlook Express]

Close Outlook Express and open it back up and it should allow you access to your attachments

Problems Sending Attachments

Problem 1:

If you are having problem sending an email with an attachment it is usually because
The attachment is to large.

Solution 1:

To determine the size of the attachment use windows explorer to browse to the location
of the file you are attaching. Right click on the file then left click on properties.
You will then be able to see the size of the file. Typically you want to keep file attachments
under 1Mb or problems sending them can occur. If you are sending picture and it's too large
You should decrease the size of the picture. If you decrease the size of the picture to
800x600 it should be small enough to send via email without decreasing the quality
you should be able to use any photo editing program to decrease the size of the picture
An example of such a program is Ulead Photo Impact.

Click Here for a Free Photo Editing Program

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