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Setup Connection to Marshallnet for Windows XP

[Windows XP]How to Setup Connection to Marshallnet for Windows XP

Step 1

[Marshallnet]Click here to Download Marshallnet Software
Click here to set up a dialup connection manually (Advanced users only)

Step 2

Click on Open as shown in the picture below.

[Marshallnet Setup]

Step 3

You will see a box that says opening file (this might take a couple of minutes).

Step 4

After it is finished downloading you will see the following screen. Simply enter your user information and click ok.

[Marshallnet Setup]

Step 5

Enjoy Marshallnet's new Nation wide dial up. If you travel simply select the correct town and state from the dial up number box. Also, don't forget you can earn free months by referring you friends and family that live in these cities.

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Marshalltown Dialup Access Number: 753-4607